Travel Documents

It is every passenger's sole responsibility to ensure that they have valid travel documentation available for presentation which meets the requirements of Vietnam Airline, Immigration and other governmental authorities at every entry and exit point. To avoid putting your trip at risk, view the specific requirements you may need for your journey.

Passenger Ticket:

Passenger ticket is an important part, presenting the contract of carriage between the airlines and the passenger. Also, it is required for check-in and immigration purposes, please keep your ticket(s) throughout the journey. Please check it carefully to ensure that your first and last names appear exactly as they do on your passport. You are required to have a valid airline ticket to travel. Ensure that you are aware of the conditions of the fare you have purchased and the applicable carrier's and the conditions of carriage. Depending on your purchasing method, you will most likely receive electronic tickets (E-tickets) for your flights.

For e-ticket, you will be issued with an itinerary receipt which you should carry with you at all times.

For paper ticket, passenger must have your own ticket(s) with the valid flight coupon for a specific flight.


Your passport remains the best internationally-accepted evidence of your citizenship. All passengers need a valid passport for international travel, regardless of the destination, but as some countries require certain length remaining on the passport, you should check with the consulates of all the countries you are planning to visit prior to your departure, as you may be refused entry if you do not comply.

For entering Vietnam, your passport must be valid for at least six months since the date of entrance. Expired or damaged passports will not be accepted for any flight. Failure to present valid passports matching the names on your reservation will result in you being refused carriage. If you do not have a valid passport, we strongly recommend that you apply for a new one well in advance of travel plans.

Furthermore, the number of pages you will need varies according to the options you have selected, but generally 6 pages preferable if your trip covers all three countries Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. If you intend to entry Vietnam, your passport should have 2 blank pages for visa stamped. Forms of Identifications:
To comply with Vietnam's Civil Law, you're recommended to read the following guideline carefully:

Passenger above the age of 14:
- For international flights: Besides ticket(s), all passengers travel on will need to present their passports, travel documents and immigration documents.
- For domestic flights:
+ Non-Vietnamese citizens: Passport is accepted.
+ Vietnamese citizen: One of following document s is required:
- Passport
- Identification
- Military Identity card
- National Assembly membership card
- Communist party membership card
- Press Identity card
- Driving license
- Aviation Security control card
- Airlines Identity card
- Confirmed form written by local police or authorities

Passenger under the age of 14:
Traveling on the domestic flights, under-14-year passengers are accompanied by parent will be asked to produce:
+ Non-Vietnamese citizens: passport or a legitimate document with full names, date of birth and portrait picture is required on their natural/ adoptive parents or legal guardian’s passport.
+ Vietnamese citizens: (one of these documents is acceptable)
- Passport
- Certificate of birth
- Hospital-issued birth certificates (for infant)
- Confirmation of a social organization of which children are under the patronage. (valid at least 6 months from the signed day)
Besides mentioned above papers, it is a legal requirement for a child less than 14 years unaccompanied by their parent have a declaration signed by legal representative.

Kindly be noted that all referred- above travel documents are still valid.


Normally you are required a visa to travel to a particular country where you’re non-citizen. If you are in any doubt about whether or not you require a visa to travel, please contact the local Embassy or Consulate of the country you intend to visit prior to making your reservation.

Vietnam Visas are exempted from 15-30 days for the citizens of some countries, which have signed a bilateral or unilateral visa exemption agreement with Vietnam.

If you need a Vietnam Visa on arrival, please email us with the following details (not available for entry by land or cruise): - Full name (must be as in Passport) & gender
- Date of Birth
- Nationality
- Passport number
- Date of arrival (at the Vietnam airport)
- Visa type (Business/Tourist - Single/Multiple Entry)

Arrival documents:

For international flights, when required, Arrival/Departure document will be handed to you at check-in or at Immigration counter.

For departure from Vietnam international airports, Arrival - Departure Declaration forms are available at the airport before proceeding to immigration counters. For arrival at Vietnam, you will have to fill in the Arrival Declaration form before your flight at check-in counter or during the flight from cabin crew.